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Tantora Indian Almond Bark (Catappa Bark)


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Tantora Catappa Bark - Antibacterial and water improving capabilities. 20g.

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Pro Shrimp's comment: The main properties of this product are very similar to Indian Almond leaves - just more intense and longer lasting. Catappa bark is a great additition to your tank. Not only does the bark last longer, it is actually a really nice addition to a natural tank.

Creates a natural water environment for tropical shrimp and fish

Enhances the natural colour of shrimp & fish

Aids the shedding process for shrimp, greatly reducing mortality rate during this stage

Contains acids and tannins which have antibacterial & antifungal properties

Prevents bacteria and diseases

Stimulates breeding

Relieves stress

Reduces pH

A more concentrated product than Almond Leaf, perfect for creating black water extract

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