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Tantora Banana Leaves


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Dried Banana Leaves Pack of 10 - 100% Organic!

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Pro Shrimp's comment: Banana leaves are similar to Indian Almond, especially in their properties (though banana leaves lower the PH less) and time they need to decay. Leave litter is the best source of biofilm in our tanks. Big and small shrimps love to graze on it. Supplying enough leaves improves the number of baby shrimp that get through their first weeks. Leaves are a fantastic holiday food as well. Additionally the tannins have antibacterial properties. Adding too many leaves can colour the tank water to a light yellow or brown. These are the tannins and it's perfectly healthy. If you don't want too much tannins in the water, you can soak the leaves for 1-2 days before putting them in, a short boil works just as well. If you should be using Seachem Purigen in your filter, this will filter all tannins out as well.

The leaves will decompose over time and it is perfectly safe for them to remain in the tank. Microfauna and snails will eat them all. It's advisable to have leaves in different decomposition stages in your tank.


Reduces the risk of bacteria and fungal outbreaks

Provides great natural cover for fry and shrimp

Provides biofilm grazing for baby shrimp

Stimulates breeding in Bettas

Relieves stress

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