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Please reply to the order confirmation email with a delivery date that would suit you best. We are sending out shrimp from Monday - Thursday via Royal Mail Special Delivery so they will arrive by 1 pm the next day. They will be packaged in breather bags and a well padded box. If we do not hear back from you, we will choose a despatch date at our own discretion.

Blue Jelly Shrimp

Blue Jelly Shrimp can vary in colouration and intensity in different shades of blue. Originally bred from blue rili shrimp the offspring can sometimes show small amounts of red around the extremities. These shrimp can change colouration depending on diet as well. If you feed specific foods like spinach, mulberry and similar they can turn green for a while. Some individual blue jelly can have a slight tint of green.

Neocaridina Shrimp or more commonly known as Cherry Shrimp are very adaptable and easy to keep shrimp. They are very social and peaceful and can be kept with different shrimp species in the same tank (Crystal Shrimp, Taiwan Bee, Amano etc.). They are prolific breeders.

Please be aware that different colours should be kept apart to avoid interbreeding which can result in brown/wildtype offspring in the 2nd generation and beyond. There are certain exceptions where interbreeding won't throw up wildtypes, but they will change the colouring and intensity over time. Examples for these combinations would be: Orange Sakura + Orange Rili, Bloody Mary + Black Rose + Chocolate, Blue Jelly + Blue Rili + Blue Velvet + Fantasy Blue. We still advise against mixing these, if you are interested in maintaining the same colour throughout the generations! 

If you have any questions beforehand, don't hesitate to contact us - We are happy to answer any question and guide you through the process!

Ideal water parameters:
PH: 6.0-7.8
Temp: 19-23 C.
TDS: 120-250

Note: Neocaridina (Cherry) Shrimp are very adaptable and accept nearly all water parameters, even significant different to the ones posted above! These shrimp can be kept in nearly every tap water.

When introducing them to their new tank, please acclimatise them slowly in a bowl over a period of several hours, mixing your tank water with the water they came in, slowly increasing the amount of tank water until you have a mixture of 1/3 transport and 2/3 tank water. After that net them out and put them into their new home. It is normal for the shrimp to lose a little colour during transport. As soon as they are in their new tank they will colour back up to their full intensity.

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