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Dennerle Plants CO2 Diffuser


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CO2 Diffuser

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Dennerle Plants CO2 Diffuser for CO2 systems

The CO2 diffuser ensures a particularly fine mist of CO2 in the aquarium water. This allows the gas to be optimally distributed in the water and reach all the plants. An integrated bubble counter below the ceramic disc allows good control of the CO2 bubbles produced. Suitable for 20-200L aquariums.

Contents: CO2 diffuser 17mm membrane 14cm long, 2 suction cups, U-Pipe for 5-10mm glass thickness 5cm long, suitable for 4/6mm tube

Instructions: Before use, we recommend soaking the diffuser in water. This ensures more even CO2 mist and reduces possible noise. The chamber below the membrane can be filled with water and functions as a bubble counter. Pull a suction cup onto the diffuser and connect it to a CO2 hose. The U-pipe supplied prevents the hose from kinking at the edge of the aquarium.

Tip: Use suction cups alternately. If you let a suction cup that has become milky dry, it will become completely transparent again.

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