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Dennerle Plants Liquid 125ml


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Liquid Plant Fertiliser

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Dennerle Plants Liquid 125ml - Plant Nutrient

The Liquid nutrient contains iron (Fe), potassium (K) and trace elements and is primarily designed for aquariums with few plants and/or a high fish population. It can therefore also be called a complete iron fertiliser. Liquid is a fertiliser without the nutrients nitrate (N) and phosphate (P). These two nutrients are usually sufficiently present due to fish stocking and do not need to be specially added. Iron, magnesium and other important micronutrients ensure strong green plants with particularly healthy growth.

Dennerle Plants Liquid can be used with invertebrates without any problems and is absolutely harmless for shrimp, crayfish and snails.

Usage: 1 pump stroke = 2ml per 20 litres. For a 100 litre aquarium, we recommend to start with the following dosage and adjust it to the individual needs:

Without CO2    10 ml per week
CO2 + low light    2 ml per day
CO2 + high light    4 ml per day

Tip: You can also divide the recommended amount per week by 7 and add it daily. If you use a dosing system, you can also divide the daily amount into even smaller amounts and dose several times throughout the day.

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