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Dennerle DeponitMix 9in1 2.4kg View larger

Dennerle DeponitMix 9in1 2.4kg


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DeponitMix Professional - 9 in 1 plant nutrient with activator pearls

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The nutrient substrate from aquarium plant research

DeponitMix Professional 9in1

For secure rooting and strong root growth.

With years of experiments building on its extensive knowledge of the natural homes of the most popular aquarium plants, the aquarium plant nursery has developed a long-term mineral nutrient substrate especially for aquaria. All raw materials have been carefully selected and tested extensively in practice.

  1. Concentrated nutrient iron in depot form ensures rich green leaves
  2. High-quality quartz sands create the optimum substrate climate
  3. Selected clay minerals, in particular high-quality montmorillonite, regulate the balance of nutrients: They release nutrients when needed and absorb them when there is a surplus
  4. Humus-rich natural peat provides a slightly acidic substrate environment with an optimum pH and releases nutrients to the plants appropriately
  5. All nutrients and trace elements are in depot form with immediate and lasting effects.
  6. Guaranteed safe for all plants, fish, shrimps, crayfish, snails and other aquarium inhabitants.
  7. Naturally moist mixture. Clay minerals and humus matter are already fully effective. Humus and filter bacteria do not dry out and are immediately biologically active.
  8. Highly porous special granules make the substrate an active bio-filter: For improved water quality and healthier fish
  9. The white, biodegradable activator pearls act as a nutrient substrate for important humic bacteria and increase substrate fertility


The plant is provided with all the necessary nutrients in an optimum way via the strong, widely branching root stock. It allows the care of even sensitive species that are rather difficult to keep in an aquarium. Of course DeponitMix does not contain any additional phosphate and nitrate, or indeed nutrients, which could promote algae if the concentration is too high.

Quite the opposite: Aquarium plants and algae are in direct competition with each other. By intensively promoting plant growth, Deponit-Mix makes life difficult for troublesome algae. Provided that the aquarium plants are growing well, the algae generally stand no chance. Years of practical experience show: Deponit-Mix effectively prevents proliferation of algae.

Package: 2.4kg

Plant nutrient media needs to be covered with a thin layer of gravel.

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