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DyoFix Pond Black Liquid - Pond Dye


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For 1,000L - Light Blocker for small ponds and water features

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DyoFix Pond Black Liquid

  • Easy to apply
  • Blocks light, denying algae's food source
  • Enhances your pond's reflective qualities
  • Creates a stunning mirror-like backdrop for your water plants
  • Free of Pesticides and Herbicides
  • Harmless to water filters and plants
  • Helps created spectacular water features
  • One application can last up to three months
  • 300ml Treats 1,000 litres

DyoFix Pond Black Liquid is used in smaller ponds and fountains where the desire to halt algae and weed growth is important, but principally the product is used for aesthetic purposes. DyoFix Pond Black Liquid is designed to absorb/block daylight, allowing none to penetrate below the surface, hence the black appearance.

Garden designers often use black pond dye to create an obsidian black mirror reflection for a stunning garden pond design. Sunlight, moonlight or candlelight, the black mirror finish of the black pond dye looks amazing and puts the finishing touch to your water feature.

Plants with leaves and flowers above the surface of the water are not affected by the use of Dyofix small garden pond Black. Fish would also be safe in this environment, but the product will darken the surface of the pond making it impossible to see them.

DyoFix Pond Black Liquid Dosage Rates:

300ml Bottle | Treats 1,000 Litres

DyoFix Pond Black Liquid Application:

Calculate the volume of water in the pond/feature. 10ml is required for each 35 litres of water. Half fill a watering can with pond water and add the measured amount, stir the contents. When fully mixed, apply across the whole pond surface.

The liquid dye must be poured very carefully into the pond water to avoid splashes of concentrated dye on yourself or your surroundings.


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