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Dennerle Blue Lagoon UV-Block for Ponds 500ml View larger

Dennerle Blue Lagoon UV-Block for Ponds 500ml


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For 20,000L - Lagoon like blue water colouration, blocks UV & prevents algae

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Blue Lagoon UV Block

Algae prevention through light reduction

BlueLagoon prevents green and thread algae. A blue special colouration reduces light penetration and thus prevents and controls algae growth.

• Gives water a pleasant lagoon blue colour
• Intensifies the colours of fish and plants
• Ideally suited for all garden ponds, Koi ponds and swimming ponds
• Perfectly biocompatible for fish, plants and any other pond inhabitants (crustaceans, mussels, snails, frogs, newts, dragonfly larvae, etc.)
• Pond water treated with Blue Lagoon is harmless to all pets (dogs, cats) and birds.

Package: 500ml - sufficient for 20,000L of water

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