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Dennerle Bacto Start Filter Pond Balls 250ml for 10,000L


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For 10,000L - Filter Starter Balls

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Works great in aquariums as well!

BactoStart FilterBalls

Bacteria balls for long-lasting biological filter activation.

• Breaks down fish excrement, food residues and dead plant matter
• Breaks down proteins, fats, carbohydrates and many harmful organic substances
• Removes harmful substances
• Promotes the rapid breakdown of ammonium and nitrite
• Increases the self-cleaning power
• Promotes sludge degradation
• Shortens the establishing period of new ponds and makes them more stable
• Introduces the „right“ bacteria to the pond filter from the start

The filter bacteria are instantly active on contact with the pond water. They gradually come out of the gel balls, reproduce and colonise the entire filter material. Application is recommended: when using the filter
for the first time, after every filter cleaning, when using new filter material, after medicinal treatment, when ammonia or nitrite levels are high, to increase the self-cleaning capacity, where fish population is large, when introducing new fish, when there are problems with water quality, when there is a sludge build-up.

Package: 250ml - sufficient for 10,000L of water

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