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Quantum American Mineral Concentrate 500ml


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American/Australian Macro Probiotic Mineral Concentrate is scientifically formulated to provide you with one of the purest & most stable liquid mineral concentrates in the world. This mineral concentrate is designed to replicate American lakes and Australian waterways in terms of ionic ratios including major, minor & trace elements. This mineral concentrate additionally contains natural macrobiotics, probiotics as well as vitamin precursors which help to improve mineral content, promote beneficial bacteria growth & enhance fish vitality. After years of scientific research as well as enthusiast feedback, we have tweaked both element & compound concentrations to provide you with a mineral concentrate that is optimised to help enhance fish health & vitality in American lakes and Australian waterways.

– Deionised water
– Major, minor & trace elements
– Macrobiotics
– Probiotics
– Vitamin Precursors

Shake for 20-30 seconds before each use. If adding into aquarium with live animals; dose slowly into high water flow.

Add product to high water flow. This product must be used in freshwater aquariums only. If you have an amazon aquarium that is heavily planted this product is safe but do not add additional GH products.

For American Cichlid Lakes & Australian Native waterways we recommend maintaining general hardness (GH) at 2-4 dGH (36-71ppm) 20mL/100L will raise your aquarium by 1dGH. When using this product during a water change; only dose for the volume of water change.

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