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Quantum Bio-Molecules 500ml Phosphate


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Phosphate Plant Fertiliser

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Plant Essential® Bio-Molecules™ is scientifically formulated to safely increase phosphate and stimulate plant growth. Phosphate is an essential building block to DNA, many proteins, energy storing & other essential molecules. Bio-Molecules™ allows you to modify your N:P ratio based on the needs of your aquarium. Dosing equal amounts with Bio-Nutrients™ will provide a 5:1 N:P ratio, however you can modify this by simply adjusting the ratio of Bio-Nutrients™ and Bio-Molecules™ to achieve other N:P ratios such as 10:1. Recommended Phosphate concentration = 0.15-1ppm.

– Deionised Water
– Phosphorus (as bioavailable phosphate)


This product must be used in freshwater planted aquariums only.

For daily dosing – we recommend breaking down dose, then slowly adding into high water flow.

For weekly dosing – we recommend diluting with aquarium water first, then slowly adding into high flow.

Daily & Weekly Dosing Tables:

Or as required to maintain phosphate concentrations between 0.15-1.0ppm.

Note: 1mL/100L (26 gal) will raise phosphate by 0.040ppm and total phosphorus by 0.013ppm.

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