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Hikari Herptile Leopa Gel 60g


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Herptile - Reptile Food Gel

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Hikari Herptile - Leopa Gel 60g

No mixing required just squeeze out the soft, chewy, flavour-filled formulation from the spout and feed! LeopaGel™ is readily accepted. Feeding trials confirm over 80% acceptance on the first try! The lab-verified nutrient mix is rich in mealworm meal, silkworm meal and all the necessary trace nutrients insect-eating reptiles need to live a long and health-filled life while eliminating the need for added supplements.
At the Hikari® Aquatic Lab they successfully bred Leopard Geckos with the parents and babies eating only LeopaGel™. Great for all types of reptiles who normally eat crickets, mealworms or other live insects. Significantly reduces maintenance & odour, especially when compared to live food feeding. Faeces do not easily stick to enclosure surfaces thereby reducing ongoing enclosure maintenance. The LeopaGel™ packing process eliminates parasite and bacterial concerns and the lack of preservatives reduces the chance of longer term health issues.

Revolutionary Feeding Option

  • Scientifically formulated growth and maintenance diet
  • No supplements needed
  • No preservatives

Delightful Taste

  • Easily accepted
  • Great for babies and adults
  • Live insect taste without the hassle

Benefits You Will Love

  • Less odor than live foods
  • Less waste than live foods or lower quality foods
  • Feces won't easily stick to reptile or surfaces
  • Helps make maintenance a breeze

Easy To Use

  • No mixing required, just squeeze it from the spout and feed
  • Easily stored in the refrigerator
  • Oxy-Stop pouch maintains freshness

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