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Shirakura Red Bee Sand 4kg View larger

Shirakura Red Bee Sand 4kg


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Shirakura Red Bee Sand 4kg - Active shrimp substrate - black-brown colour

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Pro Shrimp's comment: Red Bee Sand is one of the most popular and best performing active shrimp substrates on the market. It usually buffers the water around a PH of 6.5 and does not leach ammonia like some other substrates. Using Red Bee Sand you can stock a tank as early as 6 hours (this is the time it takes to stabilise the parameters, this does not take into account important things like working filtration and biofilm. Please note: to guarantee a long lifetime of the substrate, active soils should always be used with reminieralised RO water rather than tap. Tap water, depending on hardness, will exhaust the substrate considerably sooner.

Shirakura Red Bee Sand - substrate (soil) was developed especially for breeding bee shrimps and has constantly been improved by Takayuki Shirakura in cooperation with its producer in oodles of attempts. The two, who have been friends for years, have made it their goal to achieve the best result possible for keeping and breeding bee shrimps.

Shirakura Red Bee Sand does not contain any fertilizer additives whatsoever and is therefore absolutely harmless for your shrimps. Its highly porous structure offers a large surface and therefore also habitat for the genesis of important microorganisms, which are particularly necessary for the development of baby shrimps

Further advantages

  • reduces growth of algae
  • mosses grow greener
  • clearest water
  • natural optics, colour: black-brown

The substrate should not be rinsed before using it and you can immediately start setting up your aquarium.

Recommended substrate height
At least 4 cm

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