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Shrimp King Snail Stixx


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Shrimp King Snail Food Sticks - For ornamental snails

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Complete feed for freshwater snails in aquariums

Shrimp King Snail Stixx

Main food sticks for a biologically balanced diet of ornamental freshwater snails. With all the important nutrients, growth and vitality increasing ingredients. With carrots, kelp seaweed, tomatoes and spinach, plus calcium for strong, well-formed shells.

Guarantee: Free from artificial colors and preservatives, without fish meal.

Background information:

Shrimp King SnailStixx are specially developed staple food sticks for a biologically balanced diet of freshwater snails.

Shrimp King SnailStixx contains all the necessary nutrients and growth components that aquarium snails need daily. The composition is based on the natural biofilm snails usualyl graze on. Valuable vegetarian foods, including carrots, kelp seaweed, tomatoes and spinach, supply the snails with essential vitamins and phytochemicals for a functioning metabolism. Natural fibers support digestive health.

High-quality proteins and essential amino acids from microorganisms ensure balanced growth and proliferation. The extra-high calcium content provides the best conditions for a strong, well-formed shell. The numerous ingredients guarantee a varied diet.

Shrimp King SnailStixx is ideal for all kinds of nursery-eating snails. For balanced growth, health and a strong shell.

Package: 45g

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