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Shrimp King Yummy Gum Putty


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Kneadable putty food for shrimp. Can be attached to decoration or glass - great to watch!

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Pro Shrimp's comment: This is similar to the famous Shrimp Essential Pudding Classic. This food can be kneaded and rolled in just the right amount you need. You can stick the food on a root, stone or the aquarium glass or ideally feed it in a glass feeding dish. Shrimp will swarm it quickly. Its consistency makes it ideal for adults and babies.

Shrimp King Yummy Gum

With all important nutrients, substances for growth and vital substances that shrimp need for healthy, balanced growth, vibrant colouring and plentiful reproduction. With high quality proteins and essential amino acids from crustaceans (10%). With valuable spirulina algae (10%) and tasty nettles (5%). With 5% montmorillonite for an optimum mineral supply.

Feeding recommendation:
Stick a pea-sized piece of Yummy Gum on stones, roots or the aquarium glass for 30-35 shrimp. Always feed sparingly. Reseal pack after use. Store in a cool, dry place.

Package: 50g net

Knead & Roll
Shrimp King Yummy Gum Putty

Shrimp King Yummy Gum Putty


Shrimp King Yummy Gum Putty

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