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Shrimp King Mineral Fluid Double GH+


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Dennerle Shrimp Mineral for Caridina shrimp pH 6.0-6.5

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Pro Shrimp's comment: This is the new liquid shrimp mineral from Dennerle. This is a remineraliser used to increase the mineral content in very soft or RO water. It's an alternative to Salty Shrimp but comes with added vitamins. Since this is a liquid salt concentrate it is very easy to dose: add enough drops for your needed hardness and stir.

We have been testing the New Shrimp King salts for several months now and are very happy with the results.



  • Optimal remineralization and mineral supplement
  • Increases the total hardness, does not increase the carbonate hardness
  • With valuable minerals, trace elements and vitamins
  • Promotes the formation of natural biofilm as valuable feed supplement, especially for young shrimp
  • For balanced growth, health, vitality and high breeding success
  • For the successful keeping and breeding of shrimp, particularly bee and bumble bee shrimp
  • Particularly suitable for all types that require soft, slightly acidic water, especially bee shrimps as Red Bee and Crystal Red Shrimp
  • Also excellent for Neocaridina species and tiger shrimp
  • With calcium and magnesium in a biologically balanced proportions
  • Creates the best condition for problem-free moulting
  • Prevents mineral deficiency-related diseases effectively against
  • Optimal in combination with Dennerle Shrimp Soil. Extends the useful life of ground elements, because no carbonate
  • Easy to dose, quickly mixed, easy to use

For rapid, species-appropriate treatment of osmosis water, rain water and deionized water, and some specific mineral supplementation when necessary. Specially designed for the keeping and breeding of shrimp from soft water habitats such as bee and bumblebee shrimp or their cultivated forms.

Shrimp King Double Mineral Fluid creates a water with a higher total hardness, carbonate hardness but without, as are accustomed from their natural habitat soft water shrimp. It gives a perfect, slightly acidic pH of 6.0 to 6.9 pH approx (depending on the starting water, sand, rocks, roots).

Shrimp King Mineral Fluid Double supplied shrimp with all the vital minerals, trace elements (incl. Iodine, fluorine) and vitamins that they need for healthy, balanced growth, coloring and increase pleasure. At the same time the multi-mineral solution promotes the performance of the filter bacteria and supports the growth of plants.

The advantages over powdered salts: Easy to dose, dissolves faster and therefore easier to apply. Ideal for quick part water changes.

1 drop in 1 L of water increases the total hardness by about 1 ° d

Package: 100ml

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