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Tetra Fresh Delica Brine Shrimp (16x 3g)


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Vitamin & nutrient enriched jelly

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Tetra Fresh Delica Brine Shrimp

  • Contains natural aquatic animals in a gel food packed with vitamins and nutrients. Patented*
  • For healthy feeding fun and interaction with the fish
  • Has a fresh and natural taste to maximise acceptance
  • Available in four varieties: Red Bloodworms, Brine Shrimps, Krill and Daphnia
  • Practical gel food enables targeted feeding
  • Sterile, germ-free packaging
  • Contains up to twice as many nutrients as frozen food
  • Can be kept for three years, even without refrigeration

Each pack contains 16 x 3g simple, easy-to-use, single-use sachets of this product.

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