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Seachem Pearl Beach 3.5kg


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Natural Argonite Substrate

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Seachem Pearl Beach

Pearl Beach is an all natural aragonite substrate for all types of marine, reef and tropical aquaria. Its chemical composition will assist in stabilizing calcium and alkalinity while preventing large pH declines. Unlike competing “wet” gravels, Pearl Beach is sold dry: this bag contains 35% more gravel than a bag of wet gravel of equal weight. These “wet” gravels are marketed to give one the impression that they contain living, microscopic animals when in fact they only contain common bacteria. Dry or wet, there are bacteria on every substrate. If one is concerned with shortening the aquarium cycle time for a new system, then the use of a product designed for that particular purpose would be more appropriate (such as Seachem’s Stability).


Although it is pre-washed, because Pearl Beach is a natural product, it may become dusty in transit and require rinsing before use to remove any residual dust.

When adding water to aquarium, fill slowly to avoid disturbing Pearl Beach substrate bed. Place a bowl in the aquarium and add water directly to the bowl, allowing water to overflow softly on to the gravel bed. Initial cloudiness is normal. To remove cloudiness, use mechanical filtration (such as filter floss). Use Clarity to accelerate clearing.

Please Note: Argonite is traditionally used in marine tanks. This can be used in a freshwater setup, but will harden the water substantially, so should only be used in hard water setups, e.g. Cichlid / Rift Lake setups.

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