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Taiwan Bee Black Shadow Shrimp mixed


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Taiwan Bee - Black Shadow Shwrimp

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Black Shadow Shrimp with mixed markings.

Taiwan Bees are a rare mutation of the known Crystal Bee Shrimp. They are very intensive in colour and have clearly distinguishable markings. These shrimp are just wonderful!

Pictures show the group your shrimp will be taken from. Size: 1-1.5 cm

Taiwan Bees have specific requirements in regards to water parameters, please be aware before purchasing these shrimp. There are lots of great resources around the internet incl. Facebook groups and forums!

If you have any questions beforehand, don't hesitate to contact me - I am happy to answer any question and guide you through the process!

Ideal water parameters:
PH: 6.0-6.8
Temp: 19-23 C.
TDS: 80-180

We are keeping them at: PH 6.4, KH 0, GH 6-7, TDS 150 at 22 C.
When introducing them to their new tank, please acclimatise them slowly in a bowl over a period of several hours, mixing your tank water with the water they came in, slowly increasing the amount of tank water until you have a mixture of 1/3 transport and 2/3 tank water. After that net them out and put them into their new home. It is normal for the shrimp to lose a little colour during transport. As soon as they are in their new tank they will colour back up to their full intensity.

These are not our shrimp - this video is only an example!

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