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Tantora Montmorillonite Powder


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Montmorillonite Powder enriches your water with essential minerals. Additionally it has the abilty to bind polutants. 50g Tub.

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Pro Shrimp's comment: This mineral powder is similar to Mironekuton and Shirakura Shrimp Mineral. It supplies bacteria, micro fauna and your shrimp with essential minerals through the water column. Additionally it can absorb toxins via ion exchange (it's not a miracle powder that solves all your ammonia problems, but it does have an impact). It's great to use while setting up a tank or as additive during water changes. As long as it is used in small amounts it won't affect your water parameters (e.g. tip of a knife during water change or once a week). We usually dissolve all powdered additives in a glass of RO or tank water before adding it to our tanks.

Micronized Premium montmorillonite

> Crystal clear water
> Brilliant coloring of shrimp
> Helps breakdown of pollutants and toxins
> Healthy invertebrates by vital minerals

Natural ion exchanger for cleaning the water.
Mineral additive for water improvement.
Supports molting of your shrimp, because many of the ingredients are needed for the construction of their shells. 

Stabilizes the pH between 7 and 7.5.
Has the ability to bind water, proteins, positively charged ions and humic substances. Absorbs up to 7 times its own volume in water and other liquid compounds. The water is enriched with minerals. It improves water quality sustainable and promotes the well-being of invertebrates. With regular use it will decrease shell damage to snails.

Montmorillonite is a 100% natural product.
It can be added directly to water or mixed with the food.

Smectite (muscovite-montmorillonite interstratified mineral), kaolinite, chlorite, quartz, feldspar

About 10g for 2000 ltr. On first use we recommend to double the amount.
About 0.5g to 100l aquarium water weekly.
1 x weekly the tip of a knife during water change.

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