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Dennerle Osmose Professional 190 RO Filter System


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Complete RO System, ready to connect.

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Pro Shrimp's comment: Complete RO Filter Set, ready to connect straight away. Making your own RO water the easy way. This RO filter will remove minerals, heavy metals, chlorine and other pollutants out of your water. RO water is essential for use with active substrates (remineralised). Just add one of the Shrimp King minerals to your RO water afterwards and you are ready to go.

Complete system for producing soft, high-purity water

Osmose Professional 190

  • Maximum output:
    190 l per day at 25 °C and pressure of 4 bar
  • Output under normal operating conditions:
    100–170 l per day at 10-15 °C and pressure of 3-6 bar
  • Retention rate: At least 95 %
  • Supplied ready for connection, incl. 3/4" tap adapter ("washing machine adapter")
  • Simple to use

Increased membrane life and high continuous output thanks to flushing valve – removes performance-inhibiting deposits from the membrane

Simplicity itself to use:

  1. Connect hose to tap
  2. Turn tap slowly on
  3. The white hose supplies soft, high-purity osmosis water
  4. The hardened, impure residual water from the blue hose is drained off

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