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Dennerle AquaRico Mini-Lab 5in1 Water Test Strips


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Small Test Kit - measuring pH, GH, KH, Nitrate and Nitrite

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Pro Shrimp's comment: This is a quick and easy test kit with strips. Please note that test strips will never be as accurate as drop tests. Nonetheless they are still a good inidcation and great to give you an idea about your current parameters. 60 seconds to get all 5 parameters, unbeatable fast!

Dennerle Mini-Lab for simultaneous assessment of the 5 most important water values in fresh water aquaria. The set contains 5 test strips with 25 (5 per strip) single tests for the fast and simple assessment of the water values, an detailed manual with a lot of informations and tips and a coloure chart.

1. pH value
The pH value is a measure of the waters acidity. Water is neutral at a pH of 7. Below pH 7 it is acidic, above pH 7 it is alkaline. Most tropical aquarium fish flourish in water with a slightly acidic to neutral pH value.

2. Carbonate hardness
It is measured in °d (degrees of German hardness). Water from lime regions contains a high level of carbonate hardness (hard water). Water from granite or sandstone regions and rainwater possess only very minimal carbonate hardness (soft water). The carbonate hardness performs an important buffering function.

3. Total hardness (GH)
The total hardness is a measure of the calcium and magnesium salt content in the water. Calcium is vital to fish in order to develop their skeleton, while water snails depend on it for their shells. Calcium and magnesium are also important for plants.

4. Nitrite
Nitrite is an intermediate product arising during the bacterial degradation of proteins. Nitrite is highly toxic to fish, even in the most minimal quantities! In an effectively functioning aquarium it is quickly oxidised by bacteria to form relatively harmless nitrate.

5. Nitrate
Nitrate is an end product of the bacterial degradation of proteins. Nitrate is non-toxic for fish in smaller concentrations, but higher concentrations represent a stress factor and promote algae growth.

Package contains 5 Strips

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