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Corbo Catfish Root 40-56cm


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Natural Corbo Wood

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Natural Corbo Catfish Root 40-56cm

  • Stunning hollow roots to create perfect hiding places for fish like Catfish and Plecos
  • Naturally sourced materials make striking shapes and create a stunning feature piece in any home aquarium
  • These pieces would particularly compliment a planted aquascape using either real or good quality faux plants

This is a natural product and size & form varies.

Please note, that natural driftwood will leach tannins into your water. If you want to avoid this we would suggest to soak the wood in a bucket for a time.

Each piece is very individual and can greatly vary from the pictures. If you want to pick the best fitting wood for your tank, you are welcome to come to our shop and pick it out yourself.

Because of the size of these pieces, these are NOT suitable for nano aquariums! See second picture for size comparison with a Shrimp Set nano tank!

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