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XL Hygrophila corymbosa Stricta Tropica


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Tropica XL Mother Plant

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Tropica Hygrophila corymbosa Stricta (former Siamensis) - XL Mother Plant

Large motherplant, grown in a 9 cm square pot.

‘Siamensis’ originates from Thailand and have stems from 15-40 cm and 10-15 cm wide. Leaves are light green and dense.

Plant several stems in a group at the background of the aquarium, cut off the top shoots when they reach the water surface and replant these. They will soon form new roots and continue growing. In open aquariums Hygrophila corymbosa 'Siamensis' grows easily above the water surface, where it forms blue-green leaves and small blue flowers. It grows fast and the shoots should be pinched out regularly if you want to keep the plant under water. An extremely hardy plant, suitable for beginners.

Plant info

Growth rate:High
Height:15 - 30+
Light demand:Low
CO2 :Low

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